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Returned to revenue growth across both business segments and reinstated dividend payments Tackled period stigma head on through Libra’s #bloodnormal campaign  Opened new $23 million manufacturing investment at Asaleo Care’s Kawerau, New Zealand site to extend Tork’s product range Launched PeakServe, Tork’s Innovative towel dispensing system for high traffic washrooms, offering increased productivity and a better customer experience Launched product innovation, TENA Discreet, to offer thinnest pad ever and maximum discretion with popular Carnival advertising campaign Improved safety performance with a reduction in all reportable injury measures Sales growth up 20% for Purex Introduced new Treasures Care nappies made with more sustainable materials Launched TENA Identifi, a new sophisticated continence tracking system to improve quality of care and dignity for Aged Care residents Donated cash and product valued over $600,000 to charitable causes since 2014 Created a more diverse and inclusive organisation with women representing 44% of Asaleo Care’s senior leaders and half of its Board Took continence care leadership position through TENA’s submission to Royal Commission into Aged Care Significantly reduced our debt and strengthened our balance sheet for future growth Achieved 18% growth for Sorbent, New Zealand through product upgrades  Set target of 28% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2025 Partnered TENA with Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia Joined Climate Leaders Coalition of New Zealand Major step change in brand investment with 49% increase in advertising and promotions Libra chosen for Victorian Government’s Australian-first schools initiative as exclusive Feminine Care supplier


We said we’d innovate to create greater valueand we did

Tork PeakServe confidently takes on large crowds and high-traffic washrooms.

PeakServe is Tork’s new innovative hand towel dispenser. Launched in October 2019, PeakServe offers 250% more hand towels which prevents it from running out and is faster at drying hands compared to conventional air dryers.

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We said we’d invest in our brands to drive growthand we did

Libra’s award-winning campaign, #bloodnormal, was designed to tackle period stigma head on.

Launched in August 2019, #bloodnormal delivers on our promise to provide care, comfort and confidence every day to girls and women by starting the conversation to break down taboos and reduce the shame and stigma around periods.

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We said we’d continue to deliver on our purposeand we did

Tailored solutions to improve the quality of care.

Through technology and new materials, TENA’s products continue to improve the daily lives of millions. TENA Identifi is a sophisticated, convenient system that tracks a person’s urinary voids during a 72-hour assessment period using Sensor Wear pads.

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